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The Deceivers (2022)  

A Novel 

Cami's troubled life as a motherless teen can't seem to get any worse, but shortly after she turns seventeen, it takes an unexpected turn. She discovers a vintage necklace, along with a hidden note vaguely warning her of Deceivers. Thrust into the enchanted world of Olmerias, she's greeted by a family she never knew she had, and she finds herself drawn to a young teen with an effervescent personality who challenges her every chance along the way.


Distracted by the evil Deceiver and his followers, the clock is ticking as Cami confronts her unresolved feelings of the past. With hidden truths revealing themselves at each turn, Cami finds that the Deceiver is closer than she could have anticipated. But how do you defeat an entity that disguises itself in the mask of shadows? Will Cami's newfound strength keep her and those she loves from harm, or will the Deceiver's deadly game be her undoing? 

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